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Talent and a new direction

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working on a book project with Emmaly Wiederholt. We completed the book and you can see it here: book

Emmaly, happily, had an idea for another book. We learned from the first book, how hard it is to make a beautiful book without comprimises and get it out in the world. So we brainstormed and came up with a new idea on how to make it happen. This is the beginning test.

I am lucky in that I know Tanis. She is a person the buzzes with energy, talent and an endless smile. She has an incredibly talented daughter, Cassidy. Cassidy is an amazing and talented dancer and an old soul. On a cold and blustery day, we went to Fallen Leaf park in Camas and to Downtown Camas to begin prototyping what I am going to do to make the project move forward visually.

Thank you Cassidy & Tanis for making these images happen!

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