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Craig & Leslie the story of life

Craig and Leslie are the type of people that you meet for the first time and want to know them for a lifetime. I know, I met them years ago through mutual friends and it has been a blast every since.

Craig and Leslie also finally decided to have a party. Well a wedding, but not a traditional one, rather an festive, minimal stress party filled with loved friends and family, amazing ( and I mean amazing) food and drink, live music and lots of course great conversations. It was epic! Kind of like the couple. Of course it was at a dear friends magic house in Santa Cruz ( what a space and what a couple!!).

They also had a very special human being with them. Their radiant daughter Avery. When I met them they swore they would never marry and never have children. All I can say is I am so glad they changed their minds because there are few people who have created such a powerful community of friends,

who all knew

that these two were meant for each other. Ask Avery, she'll tell you.

Big hugs and love to these beautiful and special people!